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Sarah k. Skogland, ARTIST

Sarah K. Skogland (B. in Norway. Lives and works in Los Angeles)

Norwegian-born, self-taught painter Sarah Skogland's painting practice is a byproduct of her lifelong inward journey to greater self-knowledge .While pursuing a modern dance career which brought her to the top of that discipline, Skogland used painting to explore her inner most self and to re-invigorate from the rigors of performing at the highest level. Since retiring from the stage, she has painted full time.

Skogland begins by applying uneven layers of gesso to unstreched canvas on the floor, after which watered down acrylic is poured and layered, sometimes up to 10 times. From there, the foundation is set and the artist pours oil paint where the aleatory outcomes are the only aspects that are certain. After many weeks (and sometimes months) of alchemy, the chemicals within the paint have reacted with each other to a point where Skogland determines that she has made her final pour.

Abstract representations of flowers, rigorous introspection in an always changing world, and a bird flying through space are all subjects the artist has depicted recently within her pouring and reacting tecnique. Her improvisational process is one that mirrors our place in the world, one where we cannot control final outcomes, but instead have to make the best of what unfolds in a constantly changing and often chaotic world.








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